Renewal of the Memorandum of Understanding between the German University of Jordan and Nabih Azam Company The Jordanian German University and Nabih Azam company and its partners have renewed the previously signed Memorandum of Understanding for cooperation in the Professional Diploma Program in Quantity Accounting and Training courses in Quantity Accounting. The memo that was signed about the university was written by its president, Dr. Aladdin Al-Halhouli and about the president of the company, Mr. Nabih Azam, on the continued cooperation between the two sides in the implementation of the program at the College of Architecture and Construction Engineering and opening new horizons for cooperation through participation For the company of the binary studies program at the university. Dr. Al-Halahouli emphasized that the partnership with the industrial sector is a priority for the German University of Jordan in light of its strategic plan to strengthen practical skills and promote the dissemination of learning and strengthening relationships with the industry to enrich experience, scientific and practical knowledge for all parties. It is on his side that this partnership serves the Jordanian market and helps qualified individuals to develop complete knowledge of the tasks of Quantity Accountants, understanding the work machines, and different materials in building and cost management effectively. The signing was attended by the Vice President of the University, Professor Dr. Malik Al-Sherairi and the head of the Faculty of Architecture and Construction Engineering, Dr. Maram Al-Tawail, and the director of the Consultation and Training Center, Abdel-Hakim Arabiyat, and the coordinator of the program in the College, Dr. Farah Al-Atrash.