Our Services

As Chartered Quantity Surveyors, Nabih Elias Azzam & Partners (NEA) provide a wide range of specialist consultancy services to public and private sector organisations throughout the Middle East, Gulf region and Africa.

We are specialists in the economics of construction - we provide accurate, informed and reliable cost planning and commercial management services throughout the entire lifecycle of construction projects from inception to post-completion.

We have over 30 years experience, built over 1,500 local and international contracts across a broad range of clients and sectors.

Whether it's at planning, design and construction stages we have the services to help make the most of construction projects and ensure our clients get true value for money. By using our services our clients can minimise risk, reduce costs, increase efficiencies, maximise outcomes.


We have a range of services, designed to help ensure you get best value for money for your investment properties and your investment is accurately insured. Our services encompass Building Areas Definition, Cost Verification, Reinstatement Evaluation and Escrow.

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